Finally. Smart, strategic business guidance where family and femininity are honoured, not hidden.

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I’m Jess Miller. 

Business strategist, coach and cheerleader for women ready for more… 

More Profit. More Impact. More Ease. More Life.

I started The Inspired Mark after being forced to realise the road to success wasn’t paved with hustle. And even though my life looked amazing from the outside, the inside was a hot mess of pushing, sacrifice, and ‘shoulds’. Read more of my story here.


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You know what’s wrong with business coaching?

It relies on a lot of curated experience that delivers a one-size-fits-all solution to business owners who can’t quite put their finger on why it’s not working for them. They’re doing everything “right”. They’re giving up a lot of things that are important to them. They’re exhausted. Shouldn’t success and happiness should follow suit?

I know It doesn’t work like that.

Imagine a world where business gets to be profitable, impactful and fun.

That’s the world I’m interested in. 
How would you like to get there?

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The Make Your Mark Mastermind is an immersive business transformatino putting the most important part of your business from and centre... YOU!

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Work With Me

Find out how I can help you make your inspired mark. Sans hustle. Work with me 1:1 and find movement and growth, rather than just another long list of things to do.

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Profit on Purpose

Profit on Purpose is a 9 week program and together I'll show you how to tap into your gifts, leverage your expertise, and bring your big bold visions to life.


You’re here because you’ve been a victim of the “shoulds” of business before.

You need action that’s inspired – the drive that comes from your belly and bubbles up and you can’t ignore. You don’t want to be overcome and crushed by the mountain of ‘stuff’ it takes to run a business, you need someone to show you how to do that with a little more ease – so you can focus on changing the world.

And you need to get stuff done. Because you can’t make the impact you need to if you’re bogged down, strung out, and flat with fear or worry. You can’t lay awake at night running through To Do lists in your head anymore. You can’t keep procrastinating about ideas that insist on being noticed because you need to manage all your current balls in the air. And you can’t go on feeling stuck.

You need innovation, experience, inspiration.

I know where to find it all.

The Inspired Mark Testimonial

"What I adore about Jess’ coaching is she gives her clients permission to build their own version of success while bringing their femininity to the forefront, without fear of being seen as any less powerful. I think that just might change the world."

Jay Crisp Crow, Copywriter + Copy Coach, Crisp Copy

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